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We are in the market for several generations

We are pioneer in the Brazilian market and a reference among water purifiers over more than 35 years, unifying tradition and innovation.
Europa has a complete line of several products that meet different needs, but with one thing in common: the quality of water in first place.

The way you choose to drink water makes the difference for you. | for the planet.

It has the benefits of Calcium;

Acts in the regulation of the metabolism;

Helps stabilizing the temperature in the atmosphere;

Enables animal life;

Assist in the maintenance of fauna and flora;

Combat acne, stretch marks cellulitis, helps losing weight and reduce the swelling.

What is the treatment of the water you drink? | Do you know what the harms for your health are when you don’t drink water with the suitable treatment? | Do you trust in the processes until the water reaches you?

We always believed in the power of water. We know that good water is fundamental for life, and, over more than 30 years, our biggest commitment is to offer products that take care of people’s health.

We relentlessly search the best technologies of filtering and purification so that our products undergo a real water treatment until reaching the Brazilian families’ houses, through generations.

Drinking good water prevents several diseases and improves the working of the body, thus the treatment in our products are so important to us, since we know that drinking good water changes lives and we daily dedicate to it.

You aren’t the only one losing out.

Did you know that 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide is produced in the
manufacturing of plastic bottles a year


End up in landfills or oceans every year.


Litters of water is the amount needed to produce only one plastic bottle.


Years is the time the plastic takes to completely decompose and disapear.


Of all bottled water sold is actually filtered from the tap.

The future is in the hand of everyone.

We are nature and future enthusiasts. We believe that a better world is possible and that, for such, we need everyone to do their part. The world asks for more changes and awareness in order to preserve our biggest wealth, such as water.

The plastic is considered by the UM one f the biggest environmental challenge of the 21st century, taking 8 to 13 millions of tons to oceans every year, threatening our entire ecosystem and even the air that we breathe. The extractive activities also cause several irreversible damages to the nature.

Choosing to have a water purifier is making a conscientious choice, since it offers purity and quality in water for several years without the extraction in nature and environmental consequences, besides avoiding that several plastic bottles and gallons are discarded in the environment.

purificador de água com filtro purificador de água natural e gelada

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Know more about our brand and our company, following some articles in which we show the importance and participation of Europe in its sector and also in our countriy’s society and economy.

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