More health to your employees.
Much more economy for your company.

Europa purifier makes all the difference for your budget and well-being of your employees.

Filters, purifies and retain pathogenic bacteria.

Accredited by INMETRO.

3 temperatures: natural fresh or cold.

Purified water 24 hour a day.

Contágua: control the servisse life of the filtering elements.

Contágua: purification control.

Quality and Economy
for all businesses.

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purificador de agua aluguel

Summer Line Plus HF Inox

  • Use indicated for until 50 people
  • Cold water reservoir of 2.6 litters
  • Telescopic and removable easy to clean nozzle
  • Meets NBR 9050 of Accessibility Law
  • Service life of 6,000 litters filtering and purification elements.
purificador de agua bliss

Cta Smart HF Inox

  • Use indicated for until 50 people
  • Cold water reservoir of 2.6 litters
  • Braille triggering for the disabled
  • Service life of 3,000 litters filtering and purification elements
  • Water dispenser operation and provides 3 temperatures of water

Europa lease devices is already embedded with Contágua, an exclusive device that precisely indicates the moment to change the Europa purifier refill, allowing that your company follows the quality of the consumed water, avoiding wastes and assuring the water quality till the last litter of the device’s service life.


  • Preventive maintenance every 6 months

  • Corrective maintenances with parts and workforce included

  • SAC for Europa lease with exclusive support

  • Low power consumption

  • Low index of technical interventions
purificador de agua branco
purificador de agua bactericida

Tradition, quality, durability and technology in water treatment is Europa’s concern

Grupo Europa is a reference in water treatment for over than 30 years. The brand is known and certified with more than 40 awards that certify its quality and prestige in the market, besides the products accreditation by INMETRO.

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