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To enhance your product

Do you want to have more control over the consumption and protection of your water or improve even more the performance of your Europa? Check the exclusive accessories to enhance your purifier!


Besides Eurotimer, Europa has an exclusive accessory to make your life easier: Contágua, which more accurately provides control of the service life of its filtering elements. It is a litter counter that indicates the right moment to change the refill that can be easily coupled into the entire Eurpa line of purifiers, even those already being used.

In the Da Vinci devices, Contágua is already embedded.

Equipped with a displa that shows the quantity of the treated water, it has the function of precisely warning the moment to change the refill.


Bliss Bacteriologic Nozzle

Bliss bacteriologic nozzle is composed of a chamber that contains superimposed hollow fiber membranes, with over than 400 billions micropores, and be coupled to the Europa Bliss water purifier to obtain more protection against bacteria.


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